Acid Fuchsin

CAS Number:  3244-88-0
Molecular Weight: 585.54
PubChem Substance ID: 24894958
EC Index Number: 204-729-7
Colour Index Number: 42685


General description

Acid Fuchsin is mainly used as a diachrome and is part of the connective tissue stains. It also works as a pH indicator.[1]



Acid Fuchsin has been used in tissue sections for Masson′s trichrome staining.[2] It has been used as a marker to trace ingestion of solutions by green peach aphids.[3]
grade ACS reagent
Quality Level 200
Agency reag. Ph. Eur.
form solid
loss ≤1% loss on drying, 110°C
color white to almost white
visual transition interval 9.0-10.5, colorless to blue
mp 253 °C
bulk density 400 kg/m3
λmax 592-596 nm (buffer pH 10.5)
InChI 1S/C28H30O4/c1-15(2)20-13-23(17(5)11-25(20)29)28(22-10-8-7-9-19(22)27(31)32-28)24-14-21(16(3)4)26(30)12-18(24)6/h7-16,29-30H,1-6H3