Leishman’s Stain

CAS Number: 12627-53-1
EC Number: 235-732-1

General description

Leishman stain is a Romanowsky-type dye, similar to Wright stain.[1] Leishman stain is used in hematology and tropical medicine to differentiate and identify leukocytes, malarial parasites, and trypanosomes. It is also known as eosin-polychrome methylene blue.


Leishman′s stain has been used for staining blood smears to differentiate blood corpuscles, malarial parasites, trypanosomers, etc. It may be used as an alternative to Giemsa.Leishman’s stain has been used for the identification of macrophage nuclei in cells.[2] It has also been used in hematology study.[3]

Quality Level 100
form powder
solubility methanol: 1 mg/mL
application(s) diagnostic assay manufacturing
storage temp. room temp