Zinc phthalocyanine

CAS Number: 14320-04-8
PubChem Substance ID: 24860701
Molecular Weight: 577.91

General description

Zinc (II) phthalocyanine (ZnPc) complexes show photosensitizing properties. Phthalocyanines show significant Π−Π interactions and easy formation of H aggregates.[1]


Zinc phthalocyanine finds general applications in industry (catalysts, photoconductors etc) and biomedical (photodynamic therapy, PDT).[2] ZnPc may be used to photooxidise cyclohexane.[3] A study reports functionalization of polymer membrane with ZnPc.[4]

composition Dye content, 97%
Quality Level 100
reaction suitability reagent type: catalyst
core: zinc
^max 701 nm
Orbital energy HOMO 5.17 eV (CV)
LUMO 3.78 eV (CV)
OPV Device Performance ITO/ZnPc:P60 (1:1)/Bphen/Ag

  • Short-circuit current density (Jsc): 11.7 mA/cm2
  • Open-circuit voltage (Voc): 0.54 V
  • Fill Factor (FF): 0.62
  • Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE): 3.9 %


SMILES string [Zn]1n2c3nc4nc(nc5n1c(nc6nc(nc2c7ccccc37)c8ccccc68)c9ccccc59)c%10ccccc4%10
InChl 1S/C32H16N8.Zn/c1-2-10-18-17(9-1)25-33-26(18)38-28-21-13-5-6-14-22(21)30(35-28)40-32-24-16-8-7-15-23(24)31(36-32)39-29-20-12-4-3-11-19(20)27(34-29)37-25;/h1-16H;/q-2;+2