Safranine O

CAS Number: 477-73-6
PubChem Substance ID: 24899516
Molecular Weight: 350.84
Colour Index Number: 50240

General description

Safranin O is a cationic dye, which displays less significant metachromasia. It is used to detect any variations in articular disease.[1] Safranin O binds specifically to polyanions.[2] It detects the amount of proteoglycan present in cartilages.[1] Safranin O is used as a marker for glycosaminoglycan depletion in osteoarthritis.[2] Safranin is used as a counter stain in Gram staining.[3]


Safranin O has been used in the histological analysis of femurs.[4][5][6] It has also been used to detect the presence of glycosaminoglycans in the inner body of meniscus structures.[7]



certified by the Biological Stain Commission
Quality Level 200
form powder
composition Dye content, ≥80%
solubility H2O: 1 mg/mL
application(s) diagnostic assay manufacturing
storage temp. room temp
SMIL FS string [Cl-].Cc1cc2nc3cc(C)c(N)cc3[n+](-c4ccccc4)c2cc1N
InChi 1S/C20H18N4.ClH/c1-12-8-17-19(10-15(12)21)24(14-6-4-3-5-7-14)20-11-16(22)13(2)9-18(20)23-17;/h3-11H,1-2H3,(H3,21,22);1H